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Saturday, February 27, 2010


We've just drawn what should be one of the last, most detailed, plans of the boat - showing where to send gas and water, where there need to be waste points, windows, mushrooms and vents. At this stage, the boat looks amazingly simple. Because it's a reverse layout, we've put the gas lockers at the back, so there's only about four feet of gas piping. All the water is down one side, all the heating down the other. Once we're on, and surrounded by sawdust, scraps of wood and tools, we're sure it'll look less simple. I'll miss planning the boat. I really like drawing it. 
We've reached the stage where inches, and fractions of inches, start to matter. It's a strange experience to be able to, and need to, think about very fine ergonomics; how long is your longest coat, how far do your elbows stick out when you wash your hair, how wide are you when you're sitting down...
The paper we've used for this design was made on the graph paper making software at It's been really handy to make paper with squares divided into 12 for design in feet and inches. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging and Design

At the beginning of our experience of moving onto a narrowboat - we have our building slot booked for the middle of April 2010 and are now getting very excited! As I type this Chris is drawing a plan of the boat to show builders where we want electricity/gas/water points etc. He is convinced there are few more satisfying things in this world than drawing on dotty isometric paper.
We've never considered the idea of blogging before, but as we've been doing the preparation for the boat, the blogs of various narrowboat owners have been incredibly helpful. It seems this is an area where (a) everyone has a strong opinion and (b) everyone's opinion is different, but nevertheless, they've been invaluable. We hope we'll be able to share similarly useful experiences. Feel absolutely free to get in touch if you're someone who's in a similar position - we'd love to share our experiences so far and pick up advice.