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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ext. Day. The Pearly Gates. 

St Peter: So, Chris, tell me what happened.
Chris: Well, there was all this wood just lying around, so we thought we ought to fetch it in for firewood for next year.
St Peter: I see. Where was this wood, exactly?
Chris: (Mumbling) By the weir. 
St Peter: You say by the weir...
Chris: In the weir. 
St Peter: In the weir.
Chris: Mm.
St Peter: So, you were fetching firewood from in the weir....

 A glorious Sunday afternoon spent in the spring sunshine in a tiny dinghy with a friend, sawing enormous logs into enormous pieces with a tiny saw. Grubby knees, close shaves, tired hands, cups of tea, and firewood for months and months.