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Friday, September 17, 2010


Antique white, pastel white, Siberian white, cotton white, green white ... we've recently been trying to chose a shade of white for the ceiling.
This is how that's been working out for us:
We go to B&Q, we look at the 50+ choices of white that we are afforded in a modern society and we discuss. That one's too cream, that one's too blue, etc. We hold up off cuts of the white oak (which definitely isn't white), we um and we ah.
We leave with no paint. On returning home and gaining our senses over a drink decide that they're all just white and we should just go and buy one, not letting ourselves be bamboozled by the samples which are so grubby from being pawed that they no longer resemble greys, let alone whites - so we return the next day full of determination and slight embarrassment at our previous indecision over 'white'.
But cotton white really is quite cream, and antique white quite cold ... and we descend into the debate again - before leaving devoid of paint and unsure about what the world is coming to - they are just all white after all...

Monday, September 6, 2010

We went to Barry Island in the rain

Home and Family

By the end of the first day, we'd managed running water and a little temporary sink unit in the kitchen, and my brother and his girlfriend brought some dinner round. Good times!

Painting the Ceiling

To widespread disapproval from neighbours, we're going to paint the ceiling.


Our fitter left all the scrap wood from the build in the boat, which is fantastic because it means anything we build now can be faced off and trimmed in matching oak. Our first project was this little sink unit. 

And then these steps

My jigsaw has a laser sight, which I thought was a gimmick, but is brilliant, and means that it's best used in the dark!


After moving in, we had two weeks of pretty persistently gross weather, but when it finally broke we were able to go on a really nice cruise out to Saltford and back, via this great temporary mooring under the Avon Valley Railway bridge.
It's funny that in all the excitement of moving on to a boat, I'd forget that it was also a boat, that could move around! I love the feeling of being able to go somewhere that feels as though it's in the middle of nowhere, but still make a cup of tea.