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Friday, July 29, 2011


Haven't posted for a while, have we? We had a hunch we weren't exactly cut out for blogging. On the other hand, I have now ventured onto twitter. I never understood it, but now a change of professional role has made it almost a necessity. @FryerChris . 

The summer holiday has rolled around. Huzzah! We took the opportunity to get up onto the Kennet and Avon for a few days. 
A mooring allowing Simone to combine two great passions; right outside the medieval tithe barn in Bradford upon Avon.
 Another member joins the captain safety club!
 Funny story. Moored at Pulteney wier a few weeks back, we were just about to head to A+E to have my throat looked at (I'd whacked it with the lock key earlier in the day and broken my voice) when a homeless guy on the bank began to yell out in pain because his dog, an american pit bull / staffy cross had pulled his shoulder out of joint. Long story short; in order for him to be able to go to hospital, we ended up looking after said dog, who turned out to be very sweet, until 4am.
 This is Terence, the marina's most unusual occupant.
 We've begun work on painting some of the scratches and knocks on the paintwork. Accordingly, it's raining for the first time in a week.
 Bath deep lock. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
 The tomatoes are coming along very nicely.