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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Canal Trip

In what will hopefully be a warm up for a longer trip in the summer, we took the boat out for a few days up on the canal.


The moorings at Pulteney Wier in bath have changed - rather than being managed by aqua terra at the sports centre, they're now being managed by a new firm who will be charging all year - £10 per night. You can now moor on both sides of the river; under the park as well as along the railings by the rugby ground. There's talk of putting facilities in - even pump out etc., but as with all things on the river, we won't hold our breath.

Bathampton mooring.


Moorings near Trowbridge and Hilperton, where the 'canal effect' was most strong. Amazing how along the canal, everybody says good morning, everybody says good afternoon, everybody stops to chat and everybody smiles. Attempt the same out of sight of the water, and you're greeted by blank and slightly frightened stares. Something very special about the effect of the water on people. The sea does the same.


Wow, blogsy, you really failed me there- not sure why all those photos have uploaded so badly.





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