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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Many hands make light (sensitive photovoltaic cell) work...

As you may well have gathered, since the overwhelming likelihood is that you've arrived here from Amy and James' blog, we've moved to Cambridge. We've found ourselves a lovely spot and are settling in well - great to see family and friends new and old.

Today was largely spent doing all the non-scary parts of fitting solar panels. James helped put on the biggest and second-most expensive sticker we've ever bought, and everything went very smoothly. Tomorrow, a grown up, with special tools and an understanding of the dark and sorcerous art of 12v electric, is coming to finish everything off. Thanks to the extraordinarily helpful Midsummer Energy for their advice and assistance so far.



John Witts said...

Okay, so what was the MOST expensive sticker....?

(The Camcon licence isn't more than the price of a decent solar array, now, is it??????).

Glad you've met Amy and James.

Hide your gin.......


Chris said...

More expensive by about £100!